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Guangdong HaiRong environmental protection technology co., LTD. Welcome to visit the official website, we will wholeheartedly provide you with the best quality rain raw red found, astaxanthin, algal oil, water, solvent and the micro capsule powder natural microorganisms such as aquaculture products and extract
Talent Concept
Microalgae production manager
Requirements: with actual microalgae farming class technology for more than three years experience and have management experience is preferred. Passion for work, a sense of responsibility and dedication.
Rain pluvialis technicians
With more than three years the actual breeding pluvialis algae work experience is preferred. Work enthusiasm, dedication, a sense of responsibility and a skilled professional and technical.
Pneumatic ash handling system of an engineering Zhaoqing power plant management and power plant ash comprehensive utilization of staff, more than 3 should have good PLC control system and mechanical and electrical equipment management common sense, civil engineering and project cost management skills preferredget into.