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Guangdong HaiRong environmental protection technology co., LTD. Welcome to visit the official website, we will wholeheartedly provide you with the best quality rain raw red found, astaxanthin, algal oil, water, solvent and the micro capsule powder natural microorganisms such as aquaculture products and extract
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Guangdong HaiRong environmental protection technology co., LTD. Was established in December 2010, the company is located in zhaoqing city big prosperous general high-tech zone street no. 2. Registered capital of RMB 50 million, total cover an area of 50 million mu. The company aims to develop the green industry, aiming at thermal power plant energy conservation and emissions reduction, development of circular economy, and make the high-end product development of a new industry. Company cooperate with guodian zhaoqing thermal power co., LTD, undertake high-end product development and comprehensive utilization of the power plant ash, use of zhaoqing power plant flue gas CO2, with independent intellectual property rights of micro algae composite mutation breeding technology, flue gas micro algae stereo aquaculture breeding freshwater rain raw red tower technology has found. The project has been put into production, can provide has medicinal and health care function of 20 tons of rain raw red found algae powder, and products are mainly sold to North America, Europe, Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia and Taiwan and other countries and regions.

\"Empty sea, tolerance is a great\", guangdong HaiRong company attaches great importance to the cooperation and development, production, for a long time and thermal engineering, zhejiang university research institute signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreements on school enterprises, scientific research units work closely with the similar foreign advanced industry, on the basis of foreign advanced technology developed a series of advanced technology, greatly improve the freshwater micro algae breeding level of the company. At the same time ready to apply to the national ministry of science and technology \"863 plan\". Companies attach importance to the introduction of scientific and technological personnel, the existing Marine biological research and development of professional master graduate student above personnel 6 people, of which two PhD students, the research and development personnel have rich experience in technology development and technology management, the rain raw red found breeding leading domestic level.

Company will work with scientific attitude, rigorous style of work, down-to-earth, solidarity and endeavoring to blaze new trails, strive for the development of circular economy, make greater contribution to the health of the human.